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Welcome to Lost Pets of Western NC

The intention of this site is to provide information and resources that will shorten the time between loss and reunion. The 18 counties included in Western NC are listed on the "Post A Listing" page.
Other lost/found sites in other areas are listed on the "Resources" page.

This is a free service, not operated for profit or as a non-profit. I have a full-time business and a big life... listings will not be edited, as this is a self-service offering. What you write in the form is what you post. The info provided by you is only intended for the other users of the site, so don't worry, I'm not collecting contact info. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated, especially outside of Buncombe County.
Please visit the volunteer page.

I hope you find it helpful and comforting, and most of all, I hope it reunites you with your lost buddy.

Connie Morris

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If you are interested in why this site exists: My Story

Thanks Wesley, Shawn, Tanner & Chloe for the home page photos!